About Us

What’s up y’all or my preferred version, how you doing with a big New York accent.


I am Coach Ed (more on the coach thing in a minute) and we reside in beautiful Summerville, South Carolina, just north of historic Charleston.

We arrived here after the long, strange journey life has taken us on. I say us, because it is me and both my daughters and we have had the incredible opportunity to live and make friends in New York, Connecticut, Virginia, Texas, Idaho, Florida, North Carolina and finally South Carolina.

313 Apparel Company was created from a need to support the girls while they attend college and find their life’s desire. They both work while attending classes but things can still get a little tight. So, what better way to throw caution to the wind by investing in a printer, heat press and embroidery machine to chase my creative dreams. Thankfully it has mostly worked.

What started in my bedroom, has taken over the dining room and has grown from a simple Etsy shop to now include our own website with multiple corporate customers.

The goal was to produce t-shirts, that if they didn’t sell, we would be happy to wear and as it turns out other people do as well.

When we are not printing and shipping quality apparel, you will find me on the lacrosse field. I have been a coach for 20 plus years and am currently the head coach of the Wando Warrior Girls Lacrosse Team, winners of the 2022 and 2023 South Carolina state championships. That's me on the left....30 years ago.

There is still much work to do, with a goal of having 313 Apparel Company continuing to grow and support the family. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about us and thank you for checking out our website. Follow us on all the social media channels to keep up on the journey, see all the newly launched products and learn of exclusive deals.

And remember,

Eat. Drink. Look Good.


Coach Ed